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Dr. Wells provides expert guidance and treatment throughout the course of your kidney disease - from detection to replacement therapy if needed.

Nephrology is the speciality of medical diseases of the kidneys.
Urology is the speciality of surgical diseases of the kidney.


The Kidney may be diseased because of :

Kidney Conditions

  • Nephritis
  • Cancer

Systemic Diseases

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

Inherited Conditions

  • Polycystic Disease
  • Alport's Disease

Many kidney diseases do not cause symptoms until their final stages.

A patient may not feel sick until he or she has lost almost 80% of kidney function.

A urine exam and a blood test are sufficient to detect most kidney abnormalities.

It is important to screen patients for kidney disease in order to detect it in the early stages.

Kidney DiseaseEarly Detection of Kidney Disease

  • May be treated with drugs resulting in improvement or cure
  • May progress with or without treatment
  • May lead to kidney failure

Kidney Failure
Results from the loss of 80% or more of kidney function

Replacement Therapy
When the kidney is no longer able to excrete accumulated body poisons, it is necessary to assist it or replace it.

Treatment Options

Kidney Disease Treatment with Dr WellsTransplantation - Preferred in younger patients. A kidney is obtained from a living or deceased donor.

Dialysis - A process by which blood toxins are removed by frequent treatments.

Hemodialysis - Toxin removal by filtering the blood.

Peritoneal dialysis - Toxin removal by lavaging the abdomen with fluid.


We can arrange the type of treatment that is best for you.

James O. Wells, M.D.,F.A.C.P
48 Years of Nephrology Experience

"I believe it is in the best interest of a patient with kidney disease to be treated early. If the condition results in renal failure, most patients should be provided the opportunity to undergo renal transplantation. If they need dialysis, then selecting the form of treatment most compatible with their lifestyle and medical condition is essential for long-term success"....Dr. Wells

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